Retinol Night serum

1590 THB.

Skin Type : Normal,Dry,Oily,Combination,Hypersensitive

Specialty : Fragrance-free,Hypo-allergenic,No animal testing,paraben free,phthalate free,clear zinc oxide,no petroleum,Nontoxic

 Retinol Night serum 

 Retinol Night serum 


Anti-aging night serum with Lecithin encapsulated retinol allowing for a slow  delivery of active ingredients. Encourages cell turnover, stimulates collagen,  reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


2.5% Encapsulated retinol  -  Retinol is one of the best tolerated retinoid forms. In the skin, it is transformed into retinoic acid, the most active  form of Vitamin A. The encapsulation of retinol in lecithin guarantees greater stability and favours bioavailability and  skin penetration. The 2.5% concentration refers to the  percentage of the entire active ingredient, of which 0.2%  is pure retinol.

Witch hazel - The Witch hazel distillate has a potent astringent,  regenerating and soothing action

 Apply the content of one dropper to the entire face after  cleansing and toning. Pressing into the face, neck and  decolletage until absorbed.

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