serum dermopore 30ml. เช็คสินค้ากับทางร้านก่อนสั่งซื้อ

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Skin Type : Oily

Specialty : Fragrance-free

  Oily or thick with dilated pores Skin

  Sérum Dermopore is a rebalancing serum. Containing java tea, it will reduce sebum secretion, tighten pores, refine skin irregularities and purify the epidermis. Pores play a vital role in the physiology of the skin, allowing it to “breathe”, but it is essential to prevent and treat dilated pores before inflammation sets in and acne appears. This serum is therefore a care product for daily prevention for seborrheic Skin which are prone to acne and skin imperfections. Your skin will be left perfectly matt, more balanced and even

  Orthosiphon Extract (Java Tea) rich in Polyphenols. 

  Apply to face and neck after cleansing skin

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