850 THB.

Skin Type : Normal,Dry,Oily,Combination,Hypersensitive

Specialty : Vegan,Hypo-allergenic,No animal testing

KLAIRE PURIFYING SHAMPOO : KAFFIR LIME (แชมพูสูตรมะกรูด) 250 ml.


Kaffir Lime extract and peel oil contains Terpene and Citronellal, antioxidants that fight oxidative stress and promote anti-aging effect of hair and scalp. With α-pinene, β-caryo- phyllene, Sabinene and Limonene, as anti-inflamtory and anti-microbial agents, help fight against dandruffs and reduce itchiness of scalp.

Centella Asiatica extract contains Asiaticosides that reduce inflammation, speed up wound healing, stimulate new cell growth, build collagen, and improve circulation.
Eclipta Prostrata leaf extract contains Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Sterols, and Phenolic acids which helps stimulate hair follicles, prevent premature greying and help in dealing with hair loss. It also helps hair grow darker, thicker, and add shine and softness to it.

Extra virgin coconut oil rich in fatty acids and Lauric acid that help moisturizing the hair and scalp. It also protects both from sun damage and pollutions.

Sesame seed oil contains Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, vitamin E and K that help preventing gray hair and hair loss, deep moisturizing hair and scalp and encouraging circulation of blood through the scalp. Also protects hair and scalp damage from chemicals and UV radiation.

Free from : Parabens / Silicones / Ceteareths / DEA / EDTA / SLS / TEA / PEGs / Phthalates / Tricosan / Lanolin / Petroleum products / Synthetic fragances / Synthetic colors

Di Water, Citrus Hystrix Extract, Citrus Hystrix Peel Oil, Centella Asiatica Extract, Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Extract, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Tocopherol

After shampoo, Massage gently from scalp to the end of hair and ringe thoughly.

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