800 ml. Floor Cleaner, Lavender scent

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Specialty : 100% Natural,Organic,No animal testing

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 800 ml. Floor Cleaner, Lavender scent

Scent : Lavender
Size : 800 ml
Weight (kg) : 1.0

PiPPER STANDARD Floor Cleaner tackles dirt, spills, and stains with the power of nature. It is free of known allergens and non-irritant certified, meaning that your floors will be clean and safe for children to play on. Use it on hardwood, tile, ceramic, laminate, or any other sealed floor for a fresh, natural clean.

• Deionized water (solvent)
• Sodium citrate (builder)
• Alkyl polyglycoside (cleaning agent)
• Essential oil (scent)
• Hydrogenated castor oil (emulsifying)
• Xanthan gum (thickening agent)
• Sodium benzoate (preservative)
• Citric acid (pH adjuster)

Add 1 cup (25 ml) of PiPPER STANDARD floor cleaner to 5 litres of water. Apply the mixture on cloth or mop. No rinsing necessary.


Our laundry detergent products have been clinically tested and certified to show they are hypoallergenic. 
  The ECO label means our products are biodegradable and environmental-friendly.
  We have patented technology certified under the global patent Cooperation Treaty.
  Our bottles are made of recycled plastic.
  Products can be used for 32 times.

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