Here’s Klaire’ Organic story (2)

           Some people ask me why I’m so serious about what to put on my skin during pregnancy? Why I’m trying so hard and flew to other countries to buy organic products?

          Why should we be concerned by these findings about fetal exposure to chemicals?

          1. Fetuses are so much more sensitive to toxic chemicals than adults or even children, so the interaction of toxins even more unpredictable and could cause greater damage.
          2. The blood-brain barrier in fetuses is not fully developed., which means toxic chemicals may cause neurological harm and damage
          3. Female fetuses are born bearing eggs that will become their future children, which means that future generations can be affected by toxic exposures.
          4. Hormone disruptive chemicals absorbed by mother may feminize male fetuses and disrupt natural hormone development.

✔️พญ.พัฒศรี เชื้อพูล ( Patsri Chuepool,M.D.)