Heath concerns of TALC


          rritation : case studies of infants inhaling talc-containing baby powder showed severe respiratory distress

Cancer : 
          - Talc use is linked to endometrial &ovarian cancer. Cosmetic talc apply to to the pelvic area from feminine hygiene products, enters the body and can reach distant organs. Talc has been found in women’s ovaries and pelvic lymph nodes
          - Talc exposure is associated with mesothelioma, a tumor of tissue lining organs such as lungs, stomach and heart

Organ system toxicity : 
          - Talc elevated lung burden : inhalation of talc can interfere with mechanisms that clean lungs and mitigate inflammation thereby damaging cells land potentially leads to cancer
          - Talc particles damage and killed cells while inducing oxidative stress
          - Asbestos was found in lung tissue and lymph nodes of women using cosmetic powders containing talc
          - Talc affects the female genital system resulting in infection &inflammation

by พญ.พัฒศรี เชื้อพูล(Patsri Chuepool,M.D.)
references www.safecosmetics.org
photo credit blog.contentbeautywellbeing.com/saludmovil.com/sbs.com.au 

Please check your cosmetics ingredients before using

Aware Talc

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