Endocrine or Hormone disrupters

          These chemicals imitate the effect of natural hormones produced by endocrine systems. The body mistakes these synthetic chemicals for its own hormones and natural processes are disrupted
         According to the NIEHS, endocrine disrupting chemicals may cause:
          1. Reductions in male fertility and declines in the numbers of males born.
          2. Abnormalities in male reproductive organs.
          3. Female reproductive health issues, problems, early puberty, and early reproductive senescence.
          4. Increases in mammary, ovarian, and prostate cancers.
          5. Increases in autoimmune diseases, and some neurodegenerative diseases. 
Please check ingredient in your product
Please make sure that all products are safe for baby and children
check ingredients before using 

✔️พญ.พัฒศรี เชื้อพูล ( Patsri Chuepool,M.D.)


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