5. Petrolatum May Cause Premature Aging
         As with many carcinogens, environmental pollution and chemical additives ingestion and absorption of these products can increase free radicals that can cause the skin and organs to age prematurely. Petrolatum found in many cosmetics can cause skin irritations and rashes and also can cause skin photosensitivity or promote sun damage. Petrolatum may interfere with the body’s moisturizing mechanism, leading to dry skin.Skin that does not receive sufficient oxygen lead to suffocation and can cause the death of skin cells and premature aging to skin cells.



6. Petrolatum may cause lipoid pneumonia

          Those who rub petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) on dry, cracked face, nose or nostrils to get through a cold or usage of vapor rub which contain petrolatum to apply in nostrils to relieve nose block from having cold might want to think twice. The product is recommended for external use only, which doesn’t include nostrils. What’s more, a rare but scary potential problem occurs if the petrolatum moves from nostrils through the respiratory system. If petrolatum gets into the lungs, it can cause lipoid pneumonia.  
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