3. Petroleum products stay in the body
          Published in the Journal of Women’s Health reported: "There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body, amounting to approximately 1 g per person." The researchers collected subcutaneous fat specimens from 142 women who were undergoing C-sections, and collected milk samples from them 4 day post-delivery. Scarily, they found that both the fat and the milk were contaminated with mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons(MOSH). The authors concluded: "The increase in MOSH concentration in human fat tissue with age suggests an accumulation over time. Cosmetics (from study: hand creams&sun creams)might be a relevant source of the contamination." This petrochemical products get in our bodies from using beauty products, and once it’s there, it doesn’t leave. "certain components of mineral oil (which is in many cosmetics)are toxic, and any that does get into the system does not metabolize.
Patsri Chuepool,M.D.
reference https://beautyeditor.ca/…/petroleum-mineral-oil-skin-produc… Womens Health (Larchmt). 2011 Nov;20(11):1713-9. doi: 10.1089/jwh.2011.2829. Epub 2011 Oct 4.Evidence for cosmetics as a source of mineral oil contamination in women


4. Petrolatum may suffocate your skin

          Petrolatum can create the illusion of moisturized, hydrated skin, all the while suffocating your pores. It’s water-repellant and not water-soluble, meaning it merely seals the barrier so that moisture does not leave the skin. So while you might feel the instant gratification of a softened surface, you’re actually drying out your pores by keeping out air and moisture. It protects the skin but also restricts the pores of the skin from letting out toxins and sweat. 
          This makes the secretion of all the toxins and unwanted substances to form a layer under the actual layer of petrolatum. The whole process results into several skin disorders, and leads to the development of dandruff, acne, dryness of the skin and hair, and skin irritation. What’s more, the thick texture makes it difficult to cleanse from the skin, so never slather Petrolatum on an unwashed face if you want to avoid breakouts.It essentially seals in the dirt. 




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